About Me

Are you ready to let a fresh set of eyes read through your work to confirm that it’s ready to present to the world? I’m here, ready to start working with you!

What have I been doing to prepare for the amazing journey we’re about to embark on together? Read on to find out!


Beginning with a love of reading and writing as a little tyke, I progressed into honors English and creative writing classes throughout high school and then carried that passion with me into college as an English major. Continuing education classes for professionals, as well as personal study, keep my skills updated and current with changes in style guides.

I specialize in creative nonfiction and help people share memoirs of their personal challenges and triumphs to inspire and teach others. I work with indie authors and professional bloggers, small businesses, and teams of writers who turn out high-quality copy for companies throughout the US.

I volunteer as the online magazine coordinator for a worldwide nonprofit organization that promotes peace and humanitarian acts across continents.

Every client I work with is important, whether they are self-publishing their first book or announcing the grand opening of a new business.

What else can I tell you to help you get to know me? I’ve worked in public schools and for nonprofits who support at-risk youth. I’m trained in HIPAA and FERPA and have experience presenting cases in the courtroom and working with educational, community, and legal stakeholders. I have a background as an adoptee and as an adoptive and foster parent.

I’ve been told that I should write my own memoir . . . but that will have to wait a while. Right now, I’m focused on helping you!

For fun, I train dogs and occasionally offer consultations to rescue organizations. I love being outdoors, hiking and camping with my family, and exploring the Rockies in our Jeep. And I’m still an avid reader and word nerd.

“The shortest distance between two people is a story.” ― Patti Digh, Four-Word Self-Help: Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives

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